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Firm Overview

Dallas County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You have a legal problem – an unpaid speeding ticket that has led to a warrant or a DWI received coming home from a company party. Maybe you simply received a traffic ticket in the City of Dallas and are worried about its effects on your insurance.

We at the Law Office of Jack Pettit in Dallas, Texas, have the experience and knowledge of both city and county courts to effectively handle your traffic ticket or criminal defense case.

Contact us today by calling 214-521-4567. Se habla español.

Your Legal Issues

  • Have you received a traffic ticket in the city of Dallas? How about Dallas County? There are differences in the ways tickets are handled between Dallas and the other cities that make up the county. Having an attorney who knows these nuances can positively influence the outcome of your case.
  • Truck drivers and others with commercial drivers licenses who receive tickets run the risk of losing their commercial license if they receive a citation. If you drive a truck and receive a ticket, before you do anything else, call us: 214-521-4567.
  • We are proud to offer affirming and non-judgmental services to the entire community in Dallas. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, received a traffic ticket or face allegations of public lewdness or indecent exposure, we will give you all the legal support you need.

Our Experience

  • Attorney Jack Pettit possesses over 30 years of experience handling traffic ticket defense and criminal defense matters for Texas clients.
  • While we actively defend clients facing criminal charges, Mr. Pettit has experience as a prosecutor – experience used to our clients’ advantage.
  • We go the extra mile, handling your case from start to finish. We even assist clients in making sure they pay any required fees in a timely manner.
  • Our firm is experienced in handling expunctions and petitions for non-disclosure for clients who wish to turn over a new leaf and keep their past from affecting the future.

Convenient Location

  • Our Commerce Street Office is conveniently located across the street from the City of Dallas Municipal Court House.

To speak with us about your legal issue, contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit today. Call 214-521-4567 today. Se habla español.