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DWI Defense Lawyer – Dallas County

You’ve been pulled over for drunk driving. Maybe you’ve been stopped and informed by a police officer that you are driving with a suspended or invalid license. You feel that perhaps passively accepting the outcomes of convictions for these charges will be better in the long run. Trust us, they will not.

At the Law Office of Jack Pettit, we defend clients charged with drunk driving or driving when their license is suspended or invalid. If you have been so charged, contacting an attorney early on is critical to the outcome of your case.

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What You Should Know About DWI

  • If you have failed a blood or breath test or refused to take a blood or breath test after being pulled over for drunk driving, you have fifteen days in which to request an ALR (Administrative License Revocation) hearing to keep your license from getting suspended.
  • Having an attorney at the ALR hearing can mean the difference between being able to drive and having your privileges taken away.
  • If we are unsuccessful in helping you retain your driving privileges, we at the Law Office of Jack Pettit work to help you obtain an occupational drivers license so you can still drive to and from work.
  • While we work on retaining your license, we also begin the investigation of the circumstances surrounding your stop and arrest. We examine police reports, videos, test results and your recollections of the event to gain a clear picture and know how to proceed.
  • We look to determine whether we have a case to contest or if we should try to plea bargain.
  • Of the cases that Jack Pettit has taken to trial, the majority have been won.

How We Can Help if You Have Been Charged with DWLS or DWLI

  • If you have been charged with driving while license suspended or invalid, the first thing we do at the Law Office of Jack Pettit is to get the suspension lifted if possible.
  • In many cases if surcharges are paid or if SR22 Insurance forms are submitted, it is possible to regain your driving privileges.
  • Once we have gotten the suspension lifted, we work to reduce the charges to the same level as a ticket or try to obtain a result without a conviction or surcharges.
  • We handle DWLS and DWLI cases carefully to avoid additional convictions or harmful surcharges.

If you need assistance fighting a DWI, DWLS or DWLI charge, contact the Dallas firm you can trust. Contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit.

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