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Dallas County Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer – Dallas County

The City of Dallas has its own unique procedures for handling traffic violations. If you receive a ticket anywhere else in Dallas County, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney who has handled cases outside the Dallas city limits. At the Law Office of Jack Pettit, we understand the nuances of how each city in Dallas County addresses traffic tickets and provide effective, supportive service.

Find out how we can help you keep your driving record clean and avoid the consequences associated with simply paying a ticket. Contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit today.

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Seeking the Best Outcome for You

  • Much of the work we do on behalf of clients who receive tickets or citations in Dallas County is related to negotiating outcomes that are more favorable. Most of the time we are able to bargain for a lesser penalty for your traffic violation.
  • We typically move cases from the suburban courts to the Dallas County Court of Criminal Appeals. While we can set a case for trial, more often than not we choose to come to an agreement. This involves a 30-day probation. As a result, almost all cases we handle are dismissed.
  • If a case is not dismissed, we are generally able to strike a bargain that will prevent a citation from appearing on our clients’ driving records.

Going Above and Beyond

We provide legal services that go the extra mile. We will work with you throughout the duration of your case and help you clear up your driving record. Attorney Jack Pettit assists people who have warrants, unpaid omnibase fees and other tickets. We put our clients in a position to clear their records and their good names.

If you would like more information on the traffic ticket defense work we do in Dallas County, contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit today.

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