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Dallas Traffic Tickets

City of Dallas Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Jack Pettit, we have over thirty years of handling traffic cases in the City of Dallas. Having handled literally thousands of cases both as prosecutor and as defense lawyer, Jack Pettit has a tremendous level of insight that can benefit you if you receive a ticket in the City of Dallas.

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Three Things You Should Know if You Get a Ticket in the City of Dallas

  • Procedures for handing traffic tickets in the City of Dallas are different from those of other cities in Dallas County. Make sure you have an attorney who knows the difference and has the skill needed to handle your matter.
  • When you get a ticket in the City of Dallas, you have only 21 days to take action. After this time, your unpaid ticket is considered past due and a warrant may be issued for your arrest.
  • Fighting a ticket in the City of Dallas is largely about positioning – knowing when and where to show up for your court appearance and then actually making that appearance can sometimes mean the difference between being assessed the full fine and having your ticket dismissed.

You Can’t Lose by Hiring a Lawyer

  • Whether you’ve received a citation for speeding, running a red light, driving without insurance, driving without a license, speeding in a school zone or failing to stop, having an attorney by your side can make a significant difference.
  • When you work with the Law Office of Jack Pettit, we will request a court date and jury trial. Your presence in court on that date can be crucial to the outcome of your case. If the state is not ready with their case for any reason, your ticket will generally be dismissed.
  • Often officers fail to show up to court for traffic tickets or they may fail to recall the specific reasons for giving you this particular ticket. This can result in a dismissal of the case as well.
  • If you follow our instructions and come to court, in the majority of cases, we can obtain dismissals without any additional fees, thus saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, surcharges and additional insurance payments as well as keeping your driving record clean.
  • In the minority of cases where it is advisable to make alternative agreements, the costs involved are still usually less expensive than the original ticket cost and the ticket is kept off your driving record. We work hard to save you money and protect your record.

Get the experience and assistance you need to fight your City of Dallas traffic ticket today.

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Se habla español