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Public Lewdness/Indecent Exposure Defense

Dallas County Indecent Exposure Lawyer

As members of the communities that make up Dallas, Texas, we at the Law Office of Jack Pettit are pleased to assist people from all walks of life. Our friends and clients represent various races, cultures and lifestyles – Hispanic, African-American, Caucasian, Asian, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and heterosexual – that enrich the social and cultural life of the Dallas area.

When you face criminal charges for inappropriate behavior, you want a firm that not only provides effective assistance, but also help that is affirming and non-judgmental.

Let the Law Office of Jack Pettit, with a location on Commerce Street in Dallas, Texas, handle your criminal defense case.

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Choosing the Right Firm to Defend You

  • Our approach is non-judgmental. We focus on defending clients and ensuring their human rights, no matter what the charges.
  • Charges of public lewdness or indecent exposure require special handling. Unlike most crimes, where arrest is immediate, an arrest for sex-related crimes may occur some time after an incident. This is primarily because the arresting officer is working under cover and needs to maintain their anonymity.
  • We have handled cases involving prostitution and solicitation in the city of Dallas with confidentiality and respect.
  • We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve clients who face allegations of lewd behavior or who feel they have been targeted by law enforcement because of their sexual orientation.

Our Approach

Our first step is to try to prevent an arrest altogether. Because of the delay between an incident and the arrest, we are sometimes able to have a warrant recalled and prevent our clients from having to go to jail. After we examine the circumstances surrounding your case, we will proactively take steps to prevent our clients from facing the stigma of having to register as sex offenders. If necessary, we refer clients for sex offender evaluations, recommend treatment programs and involve our clients in rehabilitative programs to avoid complications. Our main goal is to help our clients avoid a conviction. Under Texas law, two convictions of indecent exposure will result in being labeled as a sex offender.

Closing the Book on the Past

In cases where we have helped our clients avoid convictions, we have sometimes been able to petition for expunction or non-disclosure of one’s criminal record.

To speak with an attorney in a comfortable and confidential environment, contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit today.

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