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Traffic Warrants

Traffic Ticket Warrant? – Call Dallas Attorney Jack Pettit

Traffic tickets are annoyances. There they sit, waiting to be paid. Maybe you “accidentally” let them slide off the edge of the desk and into the waste paper basket. Perhaps you have decided not to pay them as a protest for what you feel to be unfair treatment.

No matter what your reason is for not paying, if you have let the prescribed time lapse without taking any action, a warrant will be issued (the length of time varies from city to city throughout Dallas County – for example, the City of Dallas has a 21-day period). For assistance clearing warrants and keeping your record clean, contact the Dallas Law Office of Jack Pettit. We are happy to help you.

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Clearing the Warrant

  • If you have received a warrant, we can usually post an attorney bond to remove it.
  • Once the warrant has been removed, we can start over on your case and work to keep the citations off your driving record.
  • Our rate for this service is extremely competitive, and our assistance is effective and efficient.

Convenient Service

Our Commerce Street office is located downtown, directly across from the court house. Because of our convenient location, we can often offer same-day service to clear your warrant and begin to address the issues that led to the warrant.

Once your warrant is cleared, we will advise you on how to proceed. Depending on whether you received your ticket in the City of Dallas or in any one of the other cities that make up Dallas County, our firm will provide you with information to help you take appropriate steps. Often a case will be dismissed at the initial hearing.

To get the help you deserve in clearing a warrant, contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit today.

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