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Dallas County Traffic Ticket Defense

Dallas County Traffic Ticket & Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been stopped for speeding, running a red light or driving with a suspended license, you do have choices. You don’t necessarily have to accept the fine, the revoked driving privileges or the increased insurance. Getting the ticket may have been inevitable, but the consequences certainly don’t have to be.

You’ll never know for sure how the Law Office of Jack Pettit can help you reduce the penalties for your traffic violation unless you contact us today. Once you call our Dallas law office, an experienced attorney will get to work fighting for you. At the Law Office of Jack Pettit, we work to minimize the impact of a traffic ticket on your driving record. Contact us today by calling 214-521-4567. Se habla español.

Tackling Tough Traffic Tickets

For over 30 years the Law Office of Jack Pettit has been working with clients just like you – good people who just happened to get a ticket for some sort of moving violation. Most people incorrectly assume that once they have gotten a ticket there is no recourse but to pay the fine and accept the points on their license.

Luckily, there are options – it is simply not the case that you have to lie back and accept the terms of a ticket.

We have assisted thousands of people just like you who have received tickets either in the City of Dallas or somewhere else in Dallas County. With our help, most people have left court paying lesser or no fees, keeping their same insurance rates and not having any additional points on the licenses.

In addition to our work with the everyday drivers, we have also represented many commercial drivers and truck drivers who have gotten tickets while driving through Dallas County. Our work helping those charged with class-C misdemeanors is typified by the same dedicated approach that we use handling traffic tickets.

Experienced Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense work also addresses charges of drunk driving or driving with a suspended license. Criminal charges can carry with them a stigma. That’s why our service is not only quality but also confidential. We have assisted those charged with lewd behavior and other charges and have helped expunge records for those wishing to gain a fresh start.

Call 214-521-4567 for more information on our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Proven Results … Exceptional Service

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